Which fashionable accessories are in this summer?

We all love summer! And not only because of the high temperatures, the sun and the beach (which we also love), but because it is the perfect time to show off accessories and garments full of colour and life. Hats, caps, sunglasses… there are hundreds of accessories that can be used during this season to complete our summer looks.

Every year there are new and innovative trends and today, from Dessata, we show you the fashionable accessories which are in (and will be in) this summer. Which ones do you choose?

1. Backpacks

We don’t need to be in the “back-to-school” season any more to carry backpacks everyday. This summer it has become a fashionable accessory used to go to work, to go out during the week and even to go to parties. Not only are they comfortable, but we can store in them our personal treasures: phone, purse, sunglasses and notebook and, as it couldn’t be other way, our Dessata Mini brush, the perfect accessory that allows us to show off an exceptional hair.

2. Maxi belts

Some years ago, they became fashionable, but this summer they have arrived with much more power. Big and colourful belts and even corsets and sashes thanks to which we can enhance our figure. It is a timeless accessory that perfectly completes every kind of look and that is normally used with loose dresses and blouses.

These belts and corsets can be placed in the hip, in the waist, under the waist and also under the bust. It’s up to you. The only thing that’s clear is that wherever it is, it will give your summer look a special touch.

                                                                   Fuente: Pinterest

3. Visor caps and straw hats

Many of us did already have a couple of straw hats in our cupboard prepared to go to the beach or the pool, but this year they arrive with some news: the bigger, the better. Furthermore, one of the surprises of this summer are visor caps. Even though until now we had only seen visor caps on golfers, tennis players and even our own grandparents (LOL); this summer we will see them more than usual. Doubtlessly, it is one of the most daring bet of this summer, do you dare wearing it?

Fuente: Pinterest

4. Boho bandanas

They were in fashion in spring and during the summer they are a great option to move the hair away from the face during the hottest days and a perfect accessory to use when we get out of the beach or the pool with wet hair. There are many kinds and with different prints, they can be used in different ways and they are very comfortable. A safe bet!

Fuente: Pinterest

5. Hairclips

We’re coming back to the 90s! We go back to the style more than 20 years ago and we love it! Thanks to the hairclips we can create original hairstyles and, moreover, this fashionable accessory can give our looks a very elegant touch. Do you like them?