Wedding hairstyles for 2018: ideas to shine this spring

Spring is here, with it the wedding season begins, and we bet you have one or more dates underlined in your calendar. Whether it is during the day or the night, attending a wedding means you have to think about the clothes, accessories and of course… the hairstyle!

Being the perfect guest is not an easy thing but we have decided to help you. For this reason, we have gathered a compilation of wedding updoes that are going to be a trend this season. And what’s even better, you’re only going to need your Dessata detangling brush and some skills, since most of the hairstyles are easy to do but will surely make you shine.

Braided updo

Braided updoes are certainly a must for this season. A simple updo that offers a great final result. There are braids that suit all tastes and all kinds of hair. Here we mention some examples:

Messy braid

The classy ‘dressed-up but casual’. Perfect look for an afternoon or evening wedding. Trick: leave a loose lock in the front area.

Braid with curls

Two braids the end of which are some curls: a romantic and flattering hairstyle for a guest look in a spring wedding.

Crown braid

Part your hair in the middle and braid it in both sides from the roots. Join them in the end with an invisible hair tie and use a hairpin so that the ends can’t be seen.

Braided ponytail

This hairstyle starts with a braid but ends up being a ponytail.

Braided buns

If you decide to use a bun to complete one of your wedding looks for this year, you’ll surely be very comfortable! You’ll be able to enjoy the event without worrying that your hairstyle might be messed up or that a loose lock might fall in your face and bother you. Forget about big and tight buns, what people prefer nowadays is a romantic and messy style.

Low bun

The most classic of classics: easy but very attractive if you match it with some accessories. You’ll give your look a perfect touch!

Messy bun

The key for this kind of bun is to make the bun slightly tilted and to leave loose locks in the front part so that they frame your face.

Dancer bun

Make a ponytail where you want the bun to be and roll it up just in one direction. Then fix the hairstyle with some hairpins. If you don’t have much hair, you can use the donut. Thread your ponytail through the middle of the donut and cover it with your hair. In order to hold it better, you can use some hairpins too.

Braided bun

Play with the braids and the buns to get a trendy combination and be the perfect guest!

Hairstyles with ponytails

A practical, useful, and especially, very flattering hairstyle! I’s a multi-purpose hairstyle and one of the it buns of this season. Furthermore, you’ll avoid loose hair, which can sometimes be against you since it can give the impression that your hair is dishevelled. You decide: high, low, with or without a fringe… Here we give you some ideas. Write them down!

Messy ponytail

This hairstyle is rather simple but for this one it’s important to have volume in the top of the head so that it doesn’t go down during the day.

Bubble ponytail

Beautiful and easy. Add a headdress in order to give a chic touch.

Minimalist ponytail

Surrender yourself to the low ponytail with side parting. Add some great earrings and it will guarantee your success.

Loose hair and hair with ornaments

If none of these wedding hairstyles convince you, you can always wear loose hair with some ornaments. We leave you some examples here:

There are infinite options and all of them perfectly fit this season of the year. Furthermore, our Dessata mini detangling brush will be your best ally during the celebration, it fits into the bag and it will help you keep the hairstyle perfect all day. Tell us which updo you liked most!