TOP Halloween hairstyles for the most terrifying night of the year

The most terrifyingly funny day has come: Halloween. The 31st of October is the perfect day to become that evil character that you’ve always feared, to represent that TV icon that has made you shout at some point and to become the dark walker of the Night of the Dead.

Even though this celebration is original from the United States, it’s true that, little by little, we all join this terrifying trend and we look forward to that 31 st of October to let out the common “trick or treat”.

In order to get a good characterization for this day, not only do you need to choose a great costume, but it is also important to select a good make-up and hairstyle that complete our “dark” look. And here we are; as it couldn’t be any other way, to give you some TOP hairstyle ideas for Halloween. We hope you feel terrified; sorry, we wanted to say satisfied (evil laugh).

Use terrifying elements

If you are not so good at making hairstyles or if you never know what to do with your hair, you usually feel “scared” when you think about the Halloween hairstyle for your costume. But don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Although there are many hairstyles that take hours of work, there are others, as the ones we see in these pictures, which can be made in the blink of an eye. To make them, you only have to choose the accessory that you want and integrate it in your hair as you prefer. Isn’t it easy? Furthermore, you can do this if you don’t want to dress up but to give your look a terrifying touch in this special day.

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Free your hair

If your hair is unmanageable, with a tendency to tangle or to frizz up, you have surely thought this after the shower: “I wish I could go out like this, without brushing”. In these cases:

  1. I’m sure you don’t have a Dessata because if you did, detangling and primping your hair would not be a problem. Our brushes are perfect for any kind of hair and they detangle it easily without pulling and without needing unnecessary effort. We have a special Halloween design that you will surely love: discover our Catrina design.

  2. Why don’t you enjoy Halloween doing what you’ve always had in mind? Yes, enjoy this day with wild hair! Do you think witches spent much time primping their hair? Now you know, free your hair and enjoy

peinados halloweeen (2)   peinados halloweeen (1)

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Colour the darkest day

Did you know that there are many dyes that only last until you wash your hair? Don’t doubt it, personalise your hair with one, two or even three colours, choose a good make-up and let the party start! There are no limits in Halloween, so let your creativity fly and colour the darkest day of the year.

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If children want to get dressed up as their favourite character too, don’t make them lose the opportunity! In Dessata we are great fans of the Trolls and we have a perfect brush for this occasion: “Trolloween”. Use it to get this funny and original hairstyle.

peinados halloween (1)

Don’t worry, be creative

If you loved those ideas but you don’t want to use any product or accessory in your hair, don’t worry, there are many options: now your creativity plays an important role. Take a Dessata (because you will need it) and don’t limit your imagination: create an original and eccentric hairstyle that leaves people dumbfounded.

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  • I’m thinking of an Adams Family look, but with black and white hair.
    I’ve been wanting to dye my hair like that for a long time, so let this be an excuse.

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