The colours that will be trending in 2018

Do you like making changes to your hair? Are you not afraid of changes? Don’t you care about what people will say? Then, keep reading because you’ll surely like this post. Some time ago, we talked about the best haircuts for this autumn-winter season, today we want to go a little bit further and we want to show you the trending colours for 2018.

Serious, funny, elegant, casual, shiny, muted… there are many hair colours for all kinds of styles and today we give you the newest and most distinguished trends for this new year.

Frozen Blonde  

Let it go, let it go”… The Frozen Blonde takes us to Elsa’s cold kingdom (from the film Frozen) and it is, without a doubt, the most successful hair colour in 2018 (by far). Many actresses such as Kim Kardashian, Blanca Suárez or the influencer Laura Escanes have dared with this original colour.

The Frozen Blonde is elegant, sophisticated and very stylish, but be careful! It doesn’t suit everybody the same way. If your skin is really light, it can pale your face even more and, on the contrary, if your skin is very dark, it can toughen your face too much.

Anyway, you won’t know it until you try it! And there’s no better time than now. Winter is coming…

Kim Kardashian- colores de pelo 2018   laura escanes- colores de pelo 2018
Kim kardashian // Laura Escanes

Platinum blonde

This hair colour was a trend in 2017 and it will remain that way in 2018. Its dazzling tone illuminates all kinds of faces and it’s the perfect colour for every haircut. Furthermore, it will cut you off some years! Its shine envelops the face with a halo of light, it makes facial features seem fresher and it covers up those little wrinkles we sometimes want to hide.

If you want to go one step further and you’d like to give your look a more modern touch, let the roots be your natural colour! The Spanish actress Blanca Suárez did so at the time (yes, she’s tried almost all hair colours), and we loved it!

Kristen Stewart- colores de pelo 2018  Blanca suarez rubia - colores de pelo 2018
Kristen Stewart // Blanca Suárez

Root Beer

This will be another trending hair colour. It’s made of brown with orange shades due to which the darkest hair can be lighted. Its name is curiously inspired by an American drink that’s called the same way.

It’s the perfect option if you want to try a new look but you don’t want to take too many risks. With this colourful touch, your brown hair will get brightness and style. Furthermore, streaks will provide your hair will more movement and volume.

Eva longoria- colores de pelo 2018   sara hyland- colores de pelo 2018

Eva Longoria // Sara Hyland

Cream Soda

Have you ever thought about dying your hair blonde but you never dared to do it? This will be the year. The Cream Soda is going to be one of the most famous hair colours of 2018. It’s a kind of light bleach made of a mixture of brown, beige, and gold highlights.
With this bleach there’s some kind of gradation that provides the face with a very special brightness. We’ve seen this colour in actresses such as Vanesa Romero or the influencer Marta Carriedo. What do you think?

marta carriedo- colores de pelo 2018 vanesa romero- colores de pelo 2018

Marta Carriedo // Vanesa Romero

Adviced to take care of dyed hair

Whatever colour you choose, keep in mind that dyed hair always needs special care, because otherwise, it can lose strength easily. In order to always have a shiny and cared hair, we advise you to use a specific shampoo and that you be very careful when brushing since it can break easily if the hair is dry due to the dying. In Dessata, we have the solution to this problem: with the kit Cosmo Bright, which includes a conditioner and a Dessata Maxi, you’ll get to detangle your hair easily avoiding breaking and getting a hydrated, shiny and cared hair.
If you got to the end of this post and you still haven’t decided which colour you want for next 2018, remember that there’s no accounting for taste and don’t worry because…
“Fashions fade, style is eternal”.