That’s how Sakura and Aloha were born

Behind every Dessata brush there are many hours of work, dedication, sacrifice and excitement, a lot of excitement. And this can be seen in the final product, which is created from beginning to end with the aim to satisfy the needs and desires of our clients. With this objective being the backdrop, the Sakura and Aloha designs were born. Their history makes them unique and special.

Both were created based on our curiosity to highlight the characteristic elements of exotic cultures but always preserving the gentleness and femininity that our public demands. That’s how the idea of using flowers as key concept appeared. Flowers are native elements, which represent two different and distant cultures and which get to take the consumer to another place just with a couple of images.

The places that inspired these two designs are Japan and Hawaii: two geographical points that express our main idea, since they are different, unique and unusual places that fit in with the concept of nature that we wanted to give.


The Sakura brush, inspired in Nippon, wants to show with its trace and its colour the gentleness and perfection that characterize Japanese people. This is the reason why we used traces inspired by the watercolour painting, a technique which is mastered and improved by this culture, and the pink colour, taken out of the cherry tree, so typical in Japan.

In fact, the cherry blossom is what gives name to the Sakura Dessata brush, which invites you to let our imagination run wild to travel to Tokyo. Do you want to come with us?


Sakura's inspiration


Aloha! This is how people greet in Hawaii: a paradise full of life that bursts with bright and intense tones both in its flora and its fauna. The base of this brush is inevitably blue, which reminds of the sea, the main theme of the Hawaiian landscapes.

But the term “aloha” is much more than “hello and goodbye”. It also means love, affection and it refers to the respectful and affectionate lifestyle of the people who live in those wonderful isles. Do you want to join the “aloha” philosophy?


Aloha's inspiration

No doubt these two brushes shine because of their colours, which play an important role in how we perceive them and which help us teleport to one of those special destinations. Both of them have the potential to speak for themselves and tell stories.

These are our last two designs, but don’t forget that we have a wide range of designs you can choose, of different sizes and that suit all tastes. Furthermore, they are now on sale. It will be difficult to pick just one!

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