Shatush: the new trend that lights up your hair

If you want to have highlights and brightness and the most natural hair without damaging it, we have the solution: shatush. With it you’ll get to make your hair lighter with a colour similar to the one we have after spending time in the beach under the radiant sun for several days or weeks.

The objective of this technique is to leave the roots darker whilst the ends and the longest locks have degraded tones. The shatush technique was born in the most renowned beauty salons of New York, Milan and Paris.

Once done, it will be almost impossible to say where your hair colour starts and where the other one begins. This highlights don’t leave the roots in a different colour when the hair grows. Instead, they provoke a very natural tone shading, which is quite typical in children’s hair.

Can shatush damage my hair?

Highlights usually weaken and deteriorate the hair (if you have ever had highlights you certainly know what we’re talking about). You may feel it’s slightly dry and difficult-to-brush after washing it for the first time but don’t let that stop you from getting a new look.

At Dessata we have just what you need to have a cared and undamaged hair. The Bright Set is the perfect pack, that will make you have a shiny and healthy hair, and that works even better if you have dyed hair. The Bright Leave-in Cream will give your hair the vitality and nutrition that it needs. Plus, ith the Maxi brush will allow you to detangle it easily, without pulling and, what’s most important, without damaging or hurting it.

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Is shatush useful and does it look good in all hair colours?

Yes, no matter what your skin tone or your natural hair colour is. Since hairstylists have specific formation, they will analyse your hair in order to choose the colour range that best suits you. This way it will create the desired brightness effect.

Whether you’re blond or brunette, what you’re looking for is quite similar: lighting up the hair. If you’re blond, the result will look very natural and it will help you shine and soften your features. If you’re brunette, shatush highlights will give you glints befitting your natural colour. Furthermore, they’re also perfect for those who are older and wish to have a youthful touch. In the end, naturalness, shine and freshness is what this highlights give.

What is the difference between Shatush and Californian highlights?

The shatush highlights are an improved version of the Californian, since they get a much more natural effect. Even though both techniques are easily mixed up, the only thing they have in common is that their objective is to leave the roots darker and the ends lighter. However, the final result is quite different.

If you want to be fashionable, join the shatush trend! Celebrities have already joined it. What about you? Do you think you’d like a new look?