How can I sell Dessata in my salon?

If you have a beauty salon or a hairdresser we are convinced that your main motivation is that your clients get out of there pleased with the received treatment and service. If you love your job and enjoy doing what you do, we are convinced that you’re always seeking the best for them. If you have ever tried one of our Dessata detangling brushes we are convinced that you want them in your salon. Furthermore, we are 100% convinced about something, and it is that the Dessata brushes are the best option to take care of our hair and detangle it.
Have you ever thought of selling them in your salon? In Dessata we make it easy, because we offer a unique service of hairdressing products for professionals so that you can also have the opportunity to sell these detangling brushes to all of your clients not only to develop their loyalty, but also to increase your sales.

Turn Dessata into the flagship product of your salon

Dessata detangling brushes are essential in the day-to-day life of many people. Some even take the small format along in the bag! As a professional in this area, you know what’s best to take care of our hair and with this flagship product, which happens to be known internationally, your clients will come back satisfied after having bought it. They won’t be able to live without their Dessata brush and you will be one of the “guilty” people who encouraged them to make this positive change in their hair care routine.
Every hair is different and has its own characteristics and that’s the reason why there is one Dessata for each of them: straight, curly, thick, brittle, wavy… Choose the one that best adapts your clients’ needs, give them the opportunity to try it and let them be surprised by the results. You won’t need to say anything else! Sometimes there’s no need for words.

I want to sell Dessata in my salon, how can I do it?

If you decided to sell these detangling brushes to improve your sells and make your clients happy, in Dessata we have a personalised plan for all of you: professionals in hairdressing and beauty.
Every time you order 12 or more units for your salon, a 35% direct discount will be applied to the final price of the purchase and ¡you will have free shipping! Furthermore, we have at your disposal different formats so that you can advertise the brushes and get to improve the sales immediately.
Don’t hesitate! If you want our Dessata brushes to be the flagship product of your salon, get in touch with us and we will give you further details about everything there is to know. Put a Dessata in your life, and also in your salon!