Six definite tips to prevent frizzy hair

Do you not know what to do to prevent frizzy hair? Are you tired of your hair frizzing up right when you get out of your house? Don’t worry because this happens to all of us. Preventing frizzy hair is the main goal we women have every day.

But don’t worry because we bring you some infallible trips that are used by the best salons to prevent frizz and show off a perfect and silky hair as it is had just been straightened.

Sulfate and paraben free shampoo

Choosing the appropriate shampoo is of critical importance to prevent frizz in our hair and looking at its composition before buying it will be a necessary step you might not want to skip (unless you want to look like a lioness). You need to watch closely that they are alcohol, sulfate and paraben free. The best anti-frizz shampoos are those who have keratin or essential oils since they will give your hair silkiness and luminosity.


Smooth brushing

Brushing your hair quickly and sharply will turn out to be your worst nightmare. These movements will activate static electricity and produce immediate frizz. Furthermore, choosing the appropriate brush is the crucial decision in this battle since some brushes boost frizz (for instance, the metallic ones). That’s the reason why we recommend you use the dessata brushes, which stimulates the cuticle providing the hair with a special softness and shine.

The conditioner will be your best friend

It’s really important that you use Bright Cream after you wash your hair, since thanks to its nourishing and regenerative formula it improves the hair natural elasticity without producing frizz. You only need to use a small quantity (approximately the size of a hazelnut) in the ends and then just brush it. This small gesture helps our hair to retain the humidity it needs and prevent frizz.


Avoid rubbing the hair with the towel

A bad habit most of us have when we get out of the shower is to dry our hair actively with the towel. Rubbing the hair this way causes static electricity and breaks it, causing easy and quick frizz. A good advice to avoid this habit is to wrap the hair in a towel, wait 5 minutes until the excess water disappears and it will be ready to brush!

Be careful with the dryer!

The dryer is the main enemy of our hair because it dries it and a continuous use of it causes damage. That’s why we need to avoid using it and let our hair dry on its own. Yes, we know it’s a hassle and that most of the time, in a rush, we have to use it. But when we do, we need to try to place the dryer 6 inches away from the hair and choose a medium temperature. Oh! And here goes a super tip: dry your hair with cold drafts because this way you will prevent the tedious hair frizz.

Don’t cut it in layers

The way you have your hair cut will affect (a lot) the frizz. The more layers you have and the more different they are; most likely you are to suffer from frizz. That’s the reason why you should choose straight cuts, without layers and as even as possible. Showing a great hair is a trend and preventing the frizz is a primary need.
You’ve seen that saying “goodbye” to frizzy hair is possible, so start taking care of your hair with these simple tips. Now you are ready to get out and show off your hair.