Big problems require big solutions. Reaching them is in our own hands.

Every year, more than 13 million tons of plastic get into the sea principally through rivers, causing the death of more than 100.000 sea species. The forecast is that in only 5 years there will be more plastic than fishes in the sea.

The irresponsible use of one-use plastic is the one that led us to this unsustainable situation in a few decades. Plastic is a very useful and necessary material for our society but it is about time that we eradicate its use when it is really not necessary.

That is the reason why Dessata has decided that its last Print design be as much sustainable as possible. The new Save the Ocean is made of recycled plastics and its packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard that comes from sustainable forests that are replanted as they get chopped down.



You’ll fall in love with this brush!

Since the first time you use it you’ll notice the difference: its design is totally ergonomic, so that it adapts to your hand and your head perfectly, but also so that you can use it without any kind of problem whether you’re right or left-handed. Thanks to this design, you can control the strength you use when brushing better; without noticing you will push less.

It will always work: with all kinds of hair (yes, even with the most unmanageable ones), dry, wet, under the water or to apply your hair products. It’s entirely made in Spain and with high quality materials. That’s why you can use Dessata Prints Save the Ocean as much as you want, it doesn’t wear out nor it loses its qualities.