How to take care of the beard (and the moustache) in Movember?

No, “hipsters” have not invaded the world, what happens is that Movember is here: the month of moustaches. Now you’re asking yourself (as usual): but why? Like everything else in life, this has an explanation.

Movember, a portmanteau of the word moustache and November, is the name of the awareness campaign that was born in Australia and that, since many years, is celebrated around the world.

It’s origin is really curious: in 2003, 30 young Australians decided to grow a moustache in sympathy for a friend who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The news were immediately spread through different means and it had such relevance that hundreds of people joined the cause. Since then, every year lots of men grow a moustache to raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of men’s diseases such as prostate or testicular cancer.

If you already joined this campaign, or if you want to join it, and you’re not used to having facial hair, today we show you how to take care of the beard so that you can have a perfect moustache during Movember.

Wash it often

To prevent itching and to prevent your skin from peeling, irritating or chapping, you need to wash your beard or moustache as frequently as you wash your hair (2 or 3 times a week). However, you need to bear in mind that the facial skin is much more delicate and, for that reason, you need to rub it much carefully and always using the appropriate shampoo in order to avoid irritating the skin.

Hydrate it adequately

If you want to have a healthy and cared moustache, you need to hydrate it every day with special oils or balsams for facial hair. This way, not only will you care for your beard, but you will also be hydrating the facial skin. Due to this hydration, the beard ends and the moustache won’t break and the hair will grow healthier and stronger.

Brush it

It can seem stupid, but it isn’t. Beards and moustaches can get tangled and messed up just the way the hair does and, because of this, we should brush it every day with an appropriate brush. In Dessata we have a special brush for this: with Dessata Barber you can detangle your beard easily, without pulling it or irritating the skin. It is, without any doubt, the perfect accessory to take care of men’s skin and, furthermore, it includes a cover so that you can bring it along wherever you go in order to have a perfect moustache. Get your Dessata Barber and join the awareness campaign that’s all around the world.

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