How to add volume to thin hair?

It doesn’t matter how our hair is: long, short, straight, curly, thin, thick, greasy… we always find a snag.

➢ My hair is straight BUT I can’t curl it.
➢ My hair is curly BUT sometimes I look like the Lion King.
➢ My hair is short and stylish BUT I look terrible in pigtails.
➢ My hair is thin BUT I don’t know how to add volume.

Many, many snags (impossible to mention) which ALWAYS have a solution. Today Dessata will destroy one of the snags answering the question of many people: How to add volume to thin hair?

Take note of this piece of advice and get a voluminous hair.

Choose the right haircut

If you want to add volume to your hair, it is important that you bear the haircut in mind. Bob haircuts and neo-layered haircuts are two of the most remarkable trends, furthermore, they are perfect to get voluminous hair. The hair has more movement and volume if we have it layered.

On the contrary, if you love long hair, it is recommended that you step it a little bit and that you have your hair trimmed every 3 months in order for the hair to grow healthier and stronger.

Use a brush that doesn’t break your hair

If you don’t have a lot of hair and, furthermore, it’s thin, the last thing you want is that it breaks and falls every time you brush. That’s the reason why it is important that you use an appropriate brush such as Dessata: thanks to its innovative system with 440 flexible bristles with triple height, you can brush your hair without pulling or breaking.

Dry your hair with the head upside down

Even though it is advisable to avoid overusing the heat of the hairdryer (since it can damage the hair), whenever you use it, do it with the head upside down and massage the root sideways with the fingertips. If you use a towel, do the same and your hair will get the maximum volume possible after every washing.

Use the towel as a turban

Once you massaged and dried the hair a little bit with the towel, wrap it as if it was a turban. This way, the hair will get dry with the roots elevated and you will get to increase the volume.

Streak or highlight your hair

A good trick to have a more voluminous hair is to add lighter streaks or highlights to its colour: this way you’ll get more brilliance and you’ll provide your hair with more vitality and movement. However, be careful! Don’t dye or bleach your hair too much because in the long run it can damage the hair.

Update your hairstyle

“Which way do you part your hair?” That’s the question that your hairdresser has at some point asked and it always has the same answer. However, if you want to have a more voluminous hair, you should innovate: change the parting to the other side, use different and adventurous hairstyles, play with your hair, be a rebel!

Delete all your snags from your dictionary and have a perfect HAIR