Haircuts for your face: which one suits you best?

Every person is a world and we all have something that makes us unique and special. If we were all the same, if there were no diversity, life would be boring and we would lose the opportunity to have our own personality (physical and also mental).
If you have thought at some point about getting a new hairstyle, you have surely thought which one would look better on you depending on your face shape. Even though there is no written rule, it’s true that there are certain haircuts that suit better some people because of their face shape.
Today we’re going to talk about which haircuts suit the different face shapes so that you can have enough information to choose which one you like most.


If you have round face, you have surely noticed that there are many hairstyles that doesn’t suit you as you liked because it makes your face look even rounder. In such cases, we recommend you these haircuts for round faces:

Long hair with layers

If you like having long hair (and you have round face) you are lucky because this hairstyle will suit you best. It would better if you layered it with long layers because you would lengthen the oval face visually and furthermore your chins would be enhanced, which will surely make your face look less round.
If you decide to put your hair up, we recommend you to leave some locks of hair on both sides, this way you’ll lengthen and slenderise your face much more. What about the parting? Better in the middle.
Lastly, we give you a piece of advice: avoid (as far as possible) straight fringes, since they will make your face even rounder. Try split or feathering fringes because it will surely look great on you and remember that they will be a trend in 2018!
cameron diaz cortes de pelo segun rostro

Pixie cut

We talked about it not so long ago: the pixie cut will triumph next year and it’s perfect for round faces. A well-defined pixie with a side-swept fringe will stand out your eyes and cheeks and you’ll shine more than ever.
Ginnifer Goodwin- cortes de pelo segun rostro


Round faces stand out because of having a prominent jaw, which is almost as broad as the cheeks. If that happens to you, try to avoid having long and straight hair as well as short cuts to the chin level. Our advice:

A cut with layers and movement 

Try to avoid straight and even hair and opt for a layered cut. Bet on naturalness and awaken your wildest side with hairstyles with movement or with waves because this way you’ll soften the face.
Avoid simple manes: bet on adventurous cuts and complete your hairstyle with streaks or highlights because you’ll give your look a light-hearted and casual touch.
cortes de pelo segun rostro- angelinacortes de pelo según rostro (2)

Messy fringe

If your face is square but you want to join the fringe trend, we recommend you to choose the messy one, since it will soften the face.
olviia wilde - cortes de pelo según rostro


The oval face is one of the most desired ones since there is an almost perfect equilibrium between the length and the width of the face. If your face is oval… you can choose almost all haircuts!
If you don’t know how to change your hairstyle for 2018, in this post you’ll find the haircuts that will be a trend next year.
cortes de pelo según rostro (1)  cortes de pelo según rostro


Longish faces are known for having a chin more or less thin and a pretty big forehead. The perfect haircut in this case is the one that gets to divert attention from the length of the face thus widening it in order to balance up both of them.

Bob haircut

The bob haircut is the best option because cutting the hair to the chin level gives the lowest part of the face much more volume, thus reducing its length.
cortes de pelo según rostro (4)

Waves and curls

If you have long hair, we recommend you to give it more volume to both sides to widen this area of the face. Bet on waves (or curls) but make them look as natural as possible so that they don’t get stuck to the face.
cortes de pelo según rostro (3)
Whatever haircut you choose, always remember that it will make you look unique and special because we all have our own light that makes us shine. #BeBright