Fringes will be in fashion in 2018! Do you want to join the trend?

Trends come and go but don’t close the door on them because sooner or later they come back (and you know it). If we take a look back and look at the pictures we took when we were young, we will surely think of something like “how could I go out like this?” “Where did these clothes come from?” But shhh, you shouldn’t say it out loud because, as horrified as we could be about it right now, in some years, it might turn into a MUST HAVE in our wardrobe (and you know that too).
The fringe is one of those trends that goes back and forth in time and influences millions of people when it’s on top. Some years ago it seemed impossible to find survivors of the trend with fringes but right now, if you look around, you will surely find more people than you imagine with this hairstyle. (And if not, after reading this post you’ll see fringes everywhere).
Well, fringes will be in fashion again in 2018 and many women have turned to their hairdressers to join the change. Do you want to know which kinds of fringe will be a trend in 2018?

Straight fringe

It’s the one we all know and the one we all have had as a child. If one thing is clear it’s that it cuts us off some years! Straight fringe looks great on women with longish or oval face, since it shortens it and makes it smaller and more proportioned. Furthermore, it perfectly combines all kinds of hair: straight, wavy or curly.

Messy fringe

This is one of the most comfortable fringes for 2018, without a doubt. Since it’s even and a little blunted, it lets you make many combinations. It’s the best option for thin hair and hair without volume. This messy style gives your hair a light-hearted and contemporary touch that transmits freshness. If you are those who don’t spend much time brushing, this may be your fringe for 2018: As natural as breathing!

Split fringe

So French and vintage, this kind of fringe is one of the most desired by those who want a makeover but don’t dare to cut their fringe radically. What does it entail? Very easy: cutting the fringe a little longer than usual, dividing the hair in half and letting it fall naturally in both sides, thus covering part of the forehead and voilà!

Side-swept fringe

This is a more edgy cut and it looks great on “boy” short haircuts. In this kind of hairstyles, the fringe is what’s most important since it boosts facial features and provides the hair with more volume. It’s daring but at the same time elegant, and if you choose it you’ll give every look a unique and personal touch.

Your fringe… always perfect!

Those who have fringe or have some time had one are well aware that it has to be perfect always! But don’t worry, with our Dessata Mini you’ll have no problem. Put it in your bag and take it wherever you go to touch your fringe up whenever you need it. Isn’t it cool? Then your fringe will be even cooler!