5 remedies for oily hair

Wet, shiny, oily and compacted. If your hair is oily I’m sure some of these adjectives (or all of them) perfectly describe what your hair looks like every day. Many people have oily hair, due to hormonal or external reasons but if one this is clear it is that it’s annoying! Anyway, let us put drama aside and present you the solution because everything is fixable! Since Dessata is a hair expert, we bring you five remedies for oily hair.

1. Careful when washing!

Problem-solution: this is something we do every day but, if we have oily hair, we should avoid it. Even though your first reaction when you notice your hair is greasy is to wash it immediately, you must know that you shouldn’t let your hair get used to being washed every day. Even though it sounds difficult, your hair can last like that one more day, or at least you can try it. You’ll see your hair will be thankful.

Always using a shampoo for oily hair is very important at this point: translucent; paraben, silicone and sulfate-free. Furthermore, it is advisable to wash the hair in the morning because the sebaceous glands are much more active during the night. Finally, look after your hair: avoid rubbing it excessively and wash it gently with circular movements during at least one minute, since this way you’ll activate the circulation and the seborrhea deposits will move and will be eliminated.

2. The dryer: just the necessary

Even though it’s always important to dry the hair so that it’s not wet, you have to use the dryer moderately. Whenever it’s possible -and if there’s enough time- let your hair dry naturally in the air and if you can’t -we don’t want you to get a cold- use the dryer but with a normal temperature and always putting it at some centimetres of distance from your hair so that it can’t be damaged.

3. Brush your hair just a little bit, but do it right!

One of the best remedies for oily hair is to avoid touching it. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t brush it many times during the day. Ideally, you should detangle it really well when you get out of the shower with a Dessata detangling brush, which not only facilitates the brushing but it also stimulates the cuticle and provides a special smoothness  to your hair that will last all day. If you have oily hair and it tends to be tangled easily, we recommend you to apply our Bright Cream to the ends so that you hair can be detangled much more easily.

4. Watch your diet

The hair is a very important part of our body and it’s affected by our diet and our healthy habits. The hair receives the nutrients through the roots and the more varied our diet is, with more vitamins and minerals, the better the health of our hair will be. That’s why we recommend you to avoid greasy food and to choose foodstuffs that strengthen the hair such as avocado, nuts and dried fruits or salmon.

5. Hide it with hairstyles for oily hair

When we talk about remedies for oily hair we can’t ignore hairstyles since they can be very helpful. It’s true that they won’t eliminate the problem but hey!: they can help you hide it. Here we suggest you some hairstyle options for oily hair that will be very useful in these cases:

No parting

The first symptoms of oily hair appear in the roots and that’s the reason why you should choose hairstyles without parting. To shape it, apply some dry shampoo for oily hair from the middle to the ends of the hair since this will give it more movement and volume. This will allow you to mold the hair and put it from one side to the other.

No parting

Effortless bun

They’re easy to make, comfortable and furthermore, they’re a trend this season! This will hide the oily hair and will give you a very stylish touch, what else could you possibly need?

Hairstyles with ribbons and bandanas

These accessories have taken the catwalks by storm and they completely hide oily hair since everybody will look at your accessory and stop concentrating on the hair texture. A very very top option!

Now that you know some remedies to avoid having oily hair, it’s time to put it all into practice but no pressure! If you look after your diet and your hair adequately, this oily effect will disappear little by little and if not, you’ll have many options to hide it so that you can be the one who shines, not your hair.