How to prevent autumn hair loss?

Much to our regret, in just a few weeks we’ll say goodbye to our dear, beloved and desired summer but… let’s not panic! When a door closes another opens and the next 22nd of September we’ll welcome the autumn with open arms. We’ll also welcome the nights in which the bed sheet or the eiderdown are necessary, we’ll be able to use the new clothes in fashion that we have already bought, we’ll walk in the park while the leaves fall and we’ll enjoy the beautiful red and gold colours that embellish this lovely season.

However, as it always happens, there’s a “but” (and if there isn’t, we always end up finding one unconsciously) and in this particular case, it’s the hair loss. But (it bears repeating) don’t worry, because today we show you the best tips to prevent the dreaded autumn hair loss.

1. Don’t panic!

Yes, it’s been proved that autumn is the time of the year in which we suffer more hair loss, but there’s an explanation for everything. We come from the summer and during these months our hair has suffered more than it should have due to the damaging effects of the ultraviolet rays, the salt on the beach and the chlorine in the pools and, inevitably, with the change of season the effects become evident. That’s why we don’t have to panic. It’s a normal thing that happens to almost everybody, so take it easy and try not to be overwhelmed because stress emphasises hair loss.

2. Keep it hydrated

In our post about“how to take care of your hair in summer” we talked about how important keeping our hair hydrated is, in autumn it is also very important to use masks at least once a week in order to strengthen the hair and prevent its loss.

3. Use appropriate brushes

If we use inappropriate brushes, the only thing we’re doing is debilitating and breaking our hair and accentuating its loss. Bet on brushes like Dessata since thanks to its innovative system with 440 flexible bristles with triple height, you can brush your hair without pulling or breaking it. It’s the perfect option to prevent hair loss.

4. Watch your diet

There is much food that can help you strengthen your scalp. Legumes, for instance, provide you with proteins and are the ones responsible for the hair keratin. Citrus are rich in vitamin C and facilitate the absorption of iron, which is very important to strengthen the hair. Add these foodstuffs to your routine and try to always follow a healthy diet, since this will also favour your organism and your well-being.

5. Make yourself scalp massages

Some myths say that washing the hair every day is not good at all but the truth is that if you don’t scrub the scalp excessively, this is not a problem. Furthermore, to avoid hair loss it is also recommended that you perform scalp massages since this way the circulation and the hair growth is accelerated.