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Pack Minnie


The best complement to our new detangler brush from Minnie is the Bright cream, perfect for softening and leaving our hair shiny. The pack is perfect for a gift!

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Shine without tangles

This Dessata Gift Pack has the two essential ingredients to wear a bright mane without tangles: a Dessata brush and our bright cream, in both cases as Minnie as protagonist. The brush has more than 400 prongs of 3 heights that complement each other to make the hair flow and there are no jerks.

But if our detangling brushes are already surprising for their quality and results, wait to try our Bright cream, which is applied after washing and helps to nourish and recover our hair while giving it a healthy, natural and bright appearance. This pack is the perfect gift for any lover of Minnie and Disney who wants to look nice hair without tears or efforts.


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