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Dessata / Bursh Bright Mini Pink Gold
Bursh Bright Mini Pink Gold


Dessata Mini brushes are small hair brushes, perfect to carry in your bag or backpack. Unravel your hair quickly, easily and without pulling where you want, your hair will always be perfect! Wake up your sugarcane side with the bright mini brush in pink gold.

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Dessata Bright Mini, take it with you wherever you want!

So that I can always go with you and use it wherever you want, Dessata Bright Mini is 30% smaller than the Original size. It is perfect to carry in your bag, sport backpack, to the beach, pool, festivals, … where you need it! It will always work for you: with all kinds of hairs (yes, even in the most rebellious), in dry, wet, under water or to apply your hair cosmetics.

Unravels gently, say goodbye to the pulls!

We have designed a brush with which you can untangle your hair quickly and effortlessly. Forget the pulls and break your hair every time you comb, that’s part of the past! Its spines, made with a special gel, bend when encountering a knot thus avoiding the dreaded pulls. Since it has three different rows of these quills, located at different heights, you will unravel your hair gently and without you noticing.


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