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Dessata Bright Cream

Now that you have detangled your hair, and taken care of it with our brush, what if we said the experience could be even better? With this nourishing cream with plant stem cells, your hair is going to be soft, shiny, repaired and very healthy.  Make the most out of your hair with Dessata Bright Cream and all its benefits.

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Dessata Bright Cream, intensive nourishing with plant stem cells

The perfect accessory for our brush to take better care of the hair! Dessata Bright Cream is a regenerative and nourishing intensive cream with plant stem cells that doesn’t need rinsing. It rejuvenates the hair, facilitates the detangling and avoids breaking and frizzing. Furthermore, it improves the natural elasticity of your hair, smooths its surface and repairs damaged hair. Get back the smooth and shine in your hair!

Have a soft, healthy and shiny hair

With Dessata Bright Cream, it’s very simple!  Every time you get out of the shower, eliminate the humidity of your hair with a towel and apply a small quantity of the product, stressing the most damaged areas. Once applied, detangle your hair (remember, better with a Dessata), brush and dry it the way you usually do. It’s that simple! Keep in mind that Dessata Bright Cream is very nourishing. That’s the reason why, if you have straight hair, apply a very small quantity, the size of a hazelnut, and if your hair is greasy, avoid applying it in the roots.


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