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Quality policy

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DR. FARNOS is a company which manufactures, commercializes and distributes hairdressing and cosmetic products around the world.DR. FARNOS is a company which manufactures, commercializes and distributes hairdressing and cosmetic products around the world.

Since its creation, DESSATA has been considered a reference brand in the hair care. The DESSATA brand implies the promise that the applicable legislation and the demanding internal norms of Quality are being accomplished. All our collaborators are involved and obliged in order to achieve a high standard Quality through the application of our Quality Management System by promoting the focusing in processes and risks.

Guaranteeing the quality of all our products and services, as well as the compromise to constantly improve our system, is one of our fundamental objectives. Our main purpose is to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients, meeting and overcoming their expectations.

Our quality policy is based in the following principles:

  • Keeping the applicable legislation up to date and meeting the legal and normative quality requirements.
  • Providing services and products the quality and price of which adapt to the requirements and expectations of our clients.
  • Developing and maintaining team effort, putting emphasis on the increase of our company’s capacity and its competitiveness in the market through the improvement of the quality of its processes and the productivity.
  • Being in constant contact with its clients and suppliers, with the aim of collaborating in the improvement of the quality of its services and products.
  • Involving and motivating the personnel and those who work for DR. FARNOS, in order for them to participate in the management, development and application of the instilled Quality System.

In the company’s Management we are engaged to use any necessary means, both human and technical, to guarantee that the system allows a fluid, efficient and constantly-improved work. The company’s Management is responsible for the efficiency of the Quality Management System. Its main and permanent objective will be to consider the compliance of the defined guidelines. In its name and representation, the Quality Manager will supervise its introduction, maintenance and development, by evaluating its correct adaptation and implementation, and will inform the Management team of this, in order to proceed with the established systematic revisions.

Management team. January 21, 2019.