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KIT COSMO BRIGHT: The perfect gift for Christmas!

Just a few weeks ago, we said goodbye to our beloved summer (even though some of us are reluctant to it) to welcome the timid autumn: a season in which we inevitably think of the famous “Winter is coming”.

Winter brings one of the most beautiful times of the year: Christmas, and everything is ready in Dessata. Christmas carols are on full blast, we’ve tried the first Christmas cookies (work is work, hehe) and we’ve been surrounded by the shine of the stars; which have inspired us to create one of our most especial products: the Kit Cosmo Bright.

Our purpose: make you shine more than ever

The kit Cosmo Bright is the perfect combination to detangle your hair and take care of it; it includes a Cosmo brush and our Bright Cream conditioner (150 ml). With this excellent kit, you’ll have a perfect hair all year long! You just have to apply the product first and then let our Dessata brush do the rest. The result? A healthy, soft and shiny hair, instantly!

The Cosmo brush that is included in this pack is the MAXI, the perfect design for all kinds of hair, including the curly, thick or voluminous one. Its bristles 30% larger than the Original Dessata, penetrate better the hair thus getting to the most internal layers of it. Furthermore, its triple row of bristles are 12% more separated than in other brushes, which helps it slide easily thus detangling more quantity of hair at the same time and applying less effort.

Bright Cream is a regenerative and nourishing intensive cream with plant stem cells. It rejuvenates the hair, facilitates the detangling and, in addition, avoids breaking and frizzing. It’s very easy to use: apply it on wet hair (just washed) and massage it slightly with the fingerprints. Once the product is applied, it doesn’t need rinsing; you just have to use the Dessata Cosmo (or any other Dessata) to detangle it easily, then dry it and comb it as preferred.

This Christmas, #BeBright

You can now purchase this kit in our shop and get the perfect gift for Christmas. If you already have a Dessata at home or if you don’t want to buy the whole pack, don’t worry! You can also buy the Bright Cream separately.

Give your loved ones elegance, style and beauty on Christmas. And why not? Also to yourself and #BeBright.

Shine bright and spread your light around the world”


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