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Without pulls or pain, a perfect brushing for your children


Detangling your children’s hair every morning will no longer be a problem for you, nor for them. The Dessata hairbrush for girls detangles the hair smoothly, without breaking or pulling. Furthermore, the little ones will love their designs because they will be able to have their Dessata personalised with their favourite animated character: Gorjuss, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty or Trolls.

Little girls love this hairbrush.


Very smooth


Its 440 bristles with triple height bend themselves when too much pressure is exerted, thus avoiding breaking or pulling the hair. Furthermore, thanks to its ergonomic design, children can use it by themselves.




Brushing the hair will be much more fun with Dessata because pulls are gone and the hair is detangled more easily. Enjoy brushing time with your daughter and say goodbye to pulling!


Their favourite characters


Gorjuss, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty or Trolls stop being in the screen for a while to star in this Dessata Kids design. Funny and original brushes that children will love.

Dessata Mickey & Minnie Brush

Get our new Mickey & Minnie Fun Times brush, where you’ll find them taking a stroll under the Eiffel Tower.


Kit Dessata Mickey & Minnie

Live the magic of Disney with our Mickey & Minnie Maxi brush. Discover our most exclusive brush for kids only in Dessata.


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