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General Conditions of Contract

Dessata / General Conditions of Contract

The list of countries to which we make deliveries is available here. In any case, if the delivery is outside the national territory (Spain), we ask you to check the shipping costs in case they don’t meet your needs.

The cost of transportation that will be charged in your order will depend on the place where the order is made and it will be properly indicated before you can accept the order. This charge will be added to your order and charged through the previously chosen payment method.

To receive your order, you must indicate the postal address where you will receive the order. If the order is a present for another person, we understand that you are authorised to give the information for the order you make, in which case we are not responsible for this transfer of information.

The client agrees to give DR. FARNOS the necessary information of the consignee. Faced with any mistake or error in the information, DR. FARNOS will not be responsible. The possible reshipments and the increase in the shipping costs as a result of this will be payable by the costumer.

All our shipments will be done within the next 48-72 hours of the receipt and confirmation of your order in national territory, and in no longer than a week in the rest for the countries. If there were no stock in our storehouse, we would let you know via email and, consequently, the time until the order is confirmed will not be counted. The weekends and national and local holidays in the address of the client won’t count as delivery days.


Right of Cancellation.

According to article 107 of the Spanish Royal Decree-Law 1/2007, of 16 November, and in relation to the provisions of article 102 of the Spanish Law 3/2014, of 27 of March, which modifies the text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complimentary laws, the client will have the right to cancel the order within fourteen (14) calendar days counting from the follow day of the receipt of the said order, with prior communication to DR. FARNOS by sending a document including your intention of returning the order.  (Form of the right of cancellation).

On the part of DR. FARNOS the right to cancel will be accepted provided that the following conditions incorporated in the law are met:

  • The products must be returned in their original packaging, in perfect condition, not used, with all their components and protected.
  • Only previously authorised returns will be accepted.
  • The returned material must be received in our storehouse of origin within fourteen (14) days from the day that the return was authorised. Were it not so, the return will be rejected.
  • The refund of the sales amount will be done once the material is received and the fulfilment of the exposed requirements are checked.
  • The client must pay the shipping costs of the material from his residence to our storehouse.
  • If changing the material, the client must pay the shipping costs of both directions.
  • The orders made through concrete measures and for specific sites, and personalized, as well as those whose use imply the end of the product, are not included in the right of cancellation and, consequently, won’t be able to be returned to its origin.


In Appendix 1 of these conditions there is a template of a written statement of cancellation at your disposal that, in case of needing, you just have to fill out and send to us.


The defects or possible faults in the product must be notified at the time of the reception of the product to info@dessata.com, and from there they will get in contact with you to indicate what to do.


The returns will be done through the same payment method used when the purchase was made. Once we have checked that the requirements above mentioned are met, we will get in contact with you.


The shipping costs, both from the returns and the changes, will always be payable by the client, and returns on a freight collect basis will not be accepted (the shipment will not be picked up).


We recommend that you send the package by registered mail to make sure we receive the package. We do not take on responsibility for the loss or misplacement of the package or if it is sent to a wrong address.

In our product, we will only accept the return of clearly defective products, since the product itself is an exception to the right of cancellation.



The general policy of our company in relation to this section is that the consumer checks the following aspects before starting the complaint:


  • That no more than 14 days have passed since the receipt of the order.
  • That the product has not been used, that it is complete and that its packaging is the original one. We do not accept original packagings of the products with stickers or similar glued objects. We recommend you to wrap the product with its original packaging in order for it to remain intact.
  • That the product has not been damaged due to misuse (chemical exposure, sharp objects, excessive heat, open flame, caustic substances, etc. or any other factor that can damage a product).


  1. Our responsibility

DR. FARNOS will not be responsible for:

a) Losses that were not caused by any breach on our part.

b) Any business loss (including loss of profits, revenue, contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill or wasted expenditure).

c) Any indirect or consequential losses that were not foreseeable to both parties when the contract of sale of goods was entered into between the two parties.

d) Grounds of force majeur.

Together with the product, the user will receive an invoice of the purchased product.


  1. Quality in the products

Dessata is made meeting the quality controls ISO 9001:2015 of respect to the environment. We are also part of Ecoembes, a non-profit-making public company (sociedad anónima) made up of a group of companies on behalf of the recycling and a proper management of the residues.

The materials used to manufacture the Dessata are unspoilt and of first quality, they don’t come from the recycling of other plastics and they do not lose their properties. For the bristles we use a special gel that gives the bristles special flexibility and durability, better than other similar brushes.

Dessata guarantees the perfect state of its bristles for years.


  1. Guarantees of the products

If you acquire the product as a “consumer”, you are entitled to the guarantee provided under the legislation under which the good delivered must be in conformity with the contract ans to the guarantee that the service provider is legally bound to. In the Spanish legislation and for this kind of products, the Spanish Law 23/2003, of 10 July, of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods establishes a guarantee period of two years.


  1. Applicable law 

These conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain.


  1. Amendments to the conditions of sale 

We reserve the right to make changes to our web page, our policies and our terms and conditions, including these Conditions of Sale, at any time.


  1. Applicable jurisdiction.

To solve any dispute arising from the fulfilment of this conditions and waiving their rights to any other jurisdiction to which they might be entitled, they will subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Castellón (Spain).