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Brush your hair without pulling or breaking it

Dessata is a detangling brush with which you can brush your hair quickly, without any effort and without the need to use any other product. Thanks to its innovative system with 440 flexible bristles with triple height, you can brush your hair without pulling or breaking it. Furthermore, its ergonomic design without handle adapts perfectly to the palm of the hand and uses all the arm strength.

Advantages of the our Dessata detangling brushes


Without pulling. The bristles of Dessata brushes are made with a very flexible and intelligent material which does not pull. When too much pressure is applied on the hair the bristles bend without breaking it.

Quick and easy to use. It uses 440 bristles to detangle, 5 times more than a traditional brush. This way, you can detangle quicker and faster. The design without handle adapts perfectly to the hand and uses all your arm strength. It avoids the leverage effect and increases control over the hair.

Soft and shiny finish.  The plastic gel used by Dessata stimulates the cuticle and the capillary fibres, providing a special soft and shiny finish, as if the hair has just been straightened.

It reduces hair loss. The design of the bristles prevents them getting entangled in the hair; therefore, instead of pulling the knot and breaking the hair, it glides smoothly through it letting the other bristles do the work. This drastically reduces hair loss. You will notice very few hairs on your Dessata brush after use. of
hair. Brushes with handle require applying greater force and therefore causes loss of control over the stress on the knot of hair, what causes more pulling and therefore loss of hair.

It massages the scalp.The bristles massage the scalp increasing the blood flow and helping the hair growth.

For all types of hair, dry or wet.The Dessata hairbrush is good for the toughest hair, both fine and brittle or curly, strong and tangled. To be used on wet hair, after a shower, or on dry hair without the need for conditioners.

Also for left-handed people Our brushes are designed both for right-handed and left-handed people

Great for kids It’s great for detangling childrens hair. Crying and complaining are a thing of the past, they will even detangle their hair themselves. Brushing their hair will become a pleasant familty time.

The classic size of Dessata; the made-to-measure solution to detangle your hair. There are many combinations of colours, which one do you choose?


Do you have long, thick hair or a great amount of it? This brush is for you. Dessata MAXI has smart-3T bristles (30% larger than the Original Dessata) and is perfect for the most unmanageable hair.


A brush designed for them: men who want to take care and detangle their beards easily and without irritating the skin. Keep your beard always perfect with Dessata Barber.


Women’s bags are a treasure and, if it contains a Dessata Mini, it’s even more valuable. Take this mini brush along wherever you go and show off a perfect hairstyle everywhere.


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