How to donate hair to woman with cancer?

Many people find obstacles in their path that make them stumble. We have two options: either keep walking without looking back or stop, lend our hand and help.

Cancer is a disease which is inevitably part of our everyday life and donating hair is a very easy, quick and effective way to lend a hand and give them the motivation they need to make progress.
Have you ever thought of donating hair? From Dessata, today we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

How to donate hair

Have you ever had really long hair and decided to cut it? Changes are always for better and even though it’s a hard decision to make, the fact is that most women feel happy after doing it and even more, if by doing it they can make someone else smile.

Donating hair is not something everybody can make easily and quickly. How can you do it? Mechones Solidarios (in English, caring locks) is a Spanish association that has been fighting for this cause for several years and nowadays it has more than 2,000 cooperating hairdressers in Spain to which you can go and donate your hair.

In these salons, you can get your hair cut and, furthermore, they are the ones who take care of all the necessary paperwork to make the donation.

This association offers other possibilities: during the year it makes many solidarity events where you can go to join the cause and, furthermore, it has a mailing address (Avenida de Europa, 51 Málaga) to which those who are interested can send their hair. More info:

Requirements to donate hair

Even though it is something many people can do, there are indeed a series of requirements that must be fulfilled so that the hair can be donated. These are the conditions:

➜ The hair must be clean before being cut and it has to be dry when delivered.
➜ It has to be at least 30 cm long.
➜ Locks have to have the same length and direction, for which reason it’s recommended that they are stored in braids or ponytails.
➜ The hair can have any form (straight, curly, wavy) and, furthermore, there’s no problem if it is dyed, with streaks or permanent.
➜ To donate the hair, there’s no requirement regarding the age or sex. Women and men of all ages can do this.
➜ Layered hair can be donated because the longest locks can be used anyway.

 “It is never too hard or too late to make correct choices.”