Do you dare with the best hairstyles of Game of Thrones?

We get goose bumps with the cold of their winter, we laughed, we cried and we celebrated their victories and every week we (seriously) longed for the release of a new chapter to know, finally, who wins the great war and gets to sit in the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones is, without a doubt, one of the most successful shows existing around the world today and in Dessata we publicly admit that we are followers of this great history that captivated us in a fabulous world full of architectural wonders, dragons and style with special charm. Today we pay attention to the hairstyles of Game of Thrones; those cared looks which take us to a bygone era but which we can surely use in our everyday lives. Who knows? Even though we can’t get to rule the Seven Kingdoms, we can get to rule our hair.

Daenerys Targaryen’s braids

peinados-juegos-de-tronos-1  peinado-juego-de-tronos

Khaleesi Mother of Dragons is doubtlessly one of the protagonists with more personality when dressing. She’d surely be one of the most followed influencers of today. Who hasn’t fallen in love at some point with one of her hairstyles? Braids are always the protagonists of her hairstyles and her favourites outfits always go with semi up-does.
If you want to copy any of her looks and hairstyles in Game of Thrones, it’s very easy! You just have to curl your hair, put some part of it up with a braid and get in one of your dragons (alright, maybe the last part is too difficult).

The ideal Dessata brush for her would be a Dessata Print Love because right now “all you need is love” is the best motto for her.


Cersei Lannister: from difficult up-does to garçon

peinados juegos de tronos 5 peinado-juego-tronos

Since the beginning of the show, Cersei Lannister has been and is one of the most elegant characters and the most multi-skilled when brushing. We’ve seen her with semi up-does, with complex up-does and even with the famous boxer braids. Right now (and sorry for the spoiler if you are not up to date), she has the garçon cut, but hey, she looks great!

The ideal Dessata brush for her would be Dessata Print Catrina; a design that will inspire her to imagine the future of her enemies.


Arya Stark – convenience above all

peinados juegos de tronos 8   juego-de-tronos-1

The little (and now not so little) Arya Stark has always chosen simple and natural, but especially comfortable, hairstyles to face every one of her adventures. This last season she bet on a long bob; medium-length hair with a semi up-do that uncovers her face completely and allows her to be vigilant for what could happen.

The ideal Dessata brush for her would be Dessata Mini; an easy-to-carry design that can turn into the best ally in every one of her adventures.


 Jon Nieve- As natural as breathing

peinados juegos de tronos  jon-snow

His curly, unruly and even tangled hair is one of his most unique (and sexy) characteristic. Copying his hairstyle in Game of Thrones is very simple: curl it, let it dry in the wind and let the chips fall where they may. Because we sincerely think that this is Jon Snow’s trick: naturalness.

The ideal Dessata brush for him would be black Dessata Original (of course). The perfect solution to detangle voluminous hair and to reign with a shiny and straight hair. You don’t know anything, Jon Nieve!

Tormund – A desirable beard

peinados juegos de tronos 7  

Fierce, wild and with a hipster style, His red-haired beard is his special feature and with it, he faces every one of his battles. Would he lose the strength if he shaved as once happened to Samson? We don’t know but we don’t want him to do it! We love it!

The ideal Dessata brush for him would be a Dessata Barber: the perfect accessory to primp the beard and have it always ready.


los_mejores_peinados_de_juego_de_tronos_289807083_667x1000  missandey-2

Missandei is doubtlessly one of the actresses with the best hair of the show. Her curly, voluminous and always perfect hair seems to be brushed with one of our Dessata. Who knows… might she use it in her dressing room?

The ideal Dessata brush for her would be the Dessata Maxi: a design perfect for unmanageable, curly and voluminous hair..

If you miss the show as much as we do, to make the wait more enjoyable we encourage you to try imitating some of these fantastic hairstyles with the help of our Dessata.

The countdown begins… are you ready for winter?