Dessata inspirations: ❤ Love is in the air ❤

In Dessata we put our love into everything we do. We love our job and that’s the reason why, behind every brush we make, there are long hours of working, involvement, excitement and love, lots of love. Each one of our designs has its own story, a reason that makes it unique and special.

That’s why, when we decided to launch our new bush designs Dessata Prints, we were convinced that there was something that was something we couldn’t do without: love. Love was to have a central leading role because that was and that is the best way to share our affection with all of you.

That’s how Dessata Love and Dessata Dolce Vita were born, two designs with a unique and special style that will turn out to be your best accessory for this season. You’re gonna love them!


Dessata all you need is Love


All you need is love, all you need is love, love is all you need”. That’s what the Beatles sang in one of their most legendary songs and that’s how we’ve expressed it in our Dessata Print.

The colours combination, the psychedelic shapes and its font take us to those beloved 60s where the hippie movement coloured the world. This becomes one of the most funny and original brushes of this new season. You can get it in its three forms:

Dessata Mini:

a brush with a perfect size to take along in your bag or backpack wherever you go. Furthermore, it has a protective case for you to keep anywhere.


Dessata Original: it’s the Dessata classic size; the perfect custom-made solution to detangle your hair without pulling.


Dessata Maxi: the ideal model for the most unmanageable, curly and voluminous hair.


 dessata love (2)


Dessata Dolce Vita


We’re transported to the Fontana di Trevi, the Roman Coliseum and the Italian magic. This Dessata Print combines the harmony of white and black with the passion and strength of red that we can find in the lips and nails of our protagonist: an Italian diva. It’s one of the most elegant designs in our range and you can also find it in all its forms: mini, original or maxi.

dessata dolce vita


These are some of the last news of this season but don’t forget that we have a wide range of models with innovative and original designs full of colour. It will be difficult to choose one!


¡Te costará decidirte por uno!