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Spring-summer haircuts for 2018 you’d like to copy

Summer is just around the corner, and we know that many of you follow the mantra ‘new season, new look’. Some time ago we already told you what hair colours are a trend this 2018 and now we bring you a collection of haircuts for spring-summer 2018 that you’ll surely want to copy.

Wedding hairstyles for 2018: ideas to shine this spring

Spring is here, with it the wedding season begins, and we bet you have one or more dates underlined in your calendar. Whether it is during the day or the night, attending a wedding means you have to think about the clothes, accessories and of course… the hairstyle!

Shatush: the new trend that lights up your hair

If you want to have highlights and brightness and the most natural hair without damaging it, we have the solution: shatush.

Fringes will be in fashion in 2018! Do you want to join the trend?

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The colours that will be trending in 2018

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Autumn trends 2017/2018: What colours and prints will be in this season?

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Autumn haircuts 2017/2018: Which one do you choose?

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Do you dare with the best hairstyles of Game of Thrones?

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Which fashionable accessories are in this summer?

We all love summer! And not only because of the high temperatures, the sun and the beach (which we also love), but because it is the perfect time […]