Autumn trends 2017/2018: What colours and prints will be in this season?

It is time. Time to rummage in the bottom of the wardrobe looking for that cardigan that will get us out of a tight spot (and a cold). Time has come for kerchiefs around the neck (and handkerchiefs in the bag, but with another purpose), for long walks while enjoying a rather nippy breeze, for the rustle of leaves when you walk or for the dreaded hair loss. Yes, autumn is already here and it comes full of news in the fashion world.
Today, from Dessata we show you the autumn trends for 2017/2018. Take note of all the colours and prints that will be in this season.

Velvet or the “second skin”


Velvet cloth is a trend again this autumn and many fashion experts define it as “the second skin”. We can find it in dresses, jackets, shoes and even in accessories. It’s everywhere! Its unique characteristic is, without a doubt, its texture; it has a very soft touch that fits perfectly to this time of the year. If you bet on the velvet cloth, you will give your looks a vintage, elegant and chic touch.

Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (1)     Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (3)
                                                                                                       Fuente: Pinterest

Leopard is back (if it has ever gone)

Animal print never fails. Even though it’s been a print that most of us never stopped using, it is true that now it’s all the rage. Leopard is adventurous but very stylish and if you add it to any of your outfits, you’ll have a look full of personality.

In Dessata, we join this trend with our Dessata Print Leopardo, which is almost out of stock. Get one of our last units right now in our Outlet section at a knockdown price, and awaken your wildest side!

Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (10)     Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (10)
                                                                                           Fuente: Pinterest

And the silver medal goes to…

Not, it’s not an unidentified flying object, it’s someone who has decided to use the “metallic” trend that is triumphing around the world. Silver and gold colours have been having the leading role in many looks and it is a perfect trend for those who like having fun with the fashion. If one thing is clear it is that with this colour, you will not go unnoticed!
tendencias otoño 2017 2018    Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (8)
                                                                                     Fuente: Pinterest

Pink is not for girls

Pastel pink is part of the Pantone Institute colour palette for Autumn-Winter 2017/1018. This soft colour frees itself (finally) from the clichés and leaves behind stereotypes: it’s used both by men and by women and… we love it! This pink, also called Millennial, is in our Original Dessata Pink and Purple brush. Haven’t you seen it yet?
Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (12)    Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (6)
                                                                                                     Fuente: Pinterest

The invasion of polka dots


his print, which is so flamenco, comes back to be one of the most followed trends of this autumn. The size of the dots, its shape or its colour combination doesn’t matter, it is triumphing in and out of the catwalks. The most daring even combine it with other kind of prints… and you? Would you dare with an animal print + polka dots fusion?

Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (4)   Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (7)
                                                                                                      Fuente: Pinterest

Sky blue

Turquoise or celestial colour gives us a bright and lively touch in any autumn evening. It’s an easy-to-combine colour and furthermore it suits everybody: it doesn’t matter if your skin is light or dark, this hue will get the better of you because it will sweeten your features and light up your face. We are in love with turquoise and that’s why it’s in our Original Dessata Turquoise – Silver brush. Get it here!

Tendencias-otoño-2017-2018-(5)    Tendencias otoño 2017 2018 (2)
                                                                                 Fuente: Pinterest
These are all the colours and prints that will triumph this autumn, but never forget, whatever you wear, you can also create a trend!