Autumn haircuts 2017/2018: Which one do you choose?

We all like changes. Trying new things. Innovating. Being adventurous. Joining new trends… “I need a radical change” is an idea that at some point has crossed our minds and that usually goes together with a new haircut.

The change of season is the perfect time to join new trends in the hair world and today, from Dessata, we show you the autumn haircuts 2017/2018 that will triumph with no doubt.

Which one do you choose?


Bob haircuts in all its varieties

This has been the trending hairstyle during all year. We said goodbye to long hair to join the bob trend: hairstyles above or under the shoulder (but not longer).

This haircut has many options: Long bob (around one inch under the shoulder), bob (in the neck), bob with fringe or wavy bob (medium-length wavy hair).

All these hairstyles are characterized by its informal touch, by the different layers (of very unalike sizes) and, especially, by its casual and sometimes even tousled air. It is doubtlessly one of the most comfortable, flattering and diverse looks of this season.


Neo layered haircut

The renovated technique that cuts the hair in layers goes beyond the traditional feathering: the main objective is to create movement and play with volumes in different heights.

The neo-layered haircut consists in giving the hair an appearance at first homogeneous (with the layers being unnoticeable) but providing the hair with movement getting waves to have more volume.

It’s versatile, comfortable and suitable for all kinds of hairs except for the XL (very long), “poor” hair or hair without volume. For the rest of us, it’s perfect!

Pixie Cut

It’s one of the most adventurous haircuts and with most personality. We have seen it recently in Spanish actresses such as Ursula Corberó or María León. Do you already know which hairstyle we are talking about?

Yes, the “boy” haircut: short, short, really short! It’s versatile, easy to maintain and it favours facial features. This haircut is fresh, showy, comfy and feminine (very feminine) and it has a lot of personality.

Our dear Cersei in Game of Thrones already advanced it, she’s always ahead of everything. 😉

Bowl cut

This kind of haircut takes us back to our childhood and reminds us of those haircuts above the ear that (in all good faith) our parents chose for us. Yes, that “helmet” that we see in our kindergarten pictures and that inevitably invites us to laugh.

Trends come back and the bowl cut is back to be one of the most funny and creative haircuts of the season.

But be careful! This haircut is not recommended for all kinds of hairs and faces. It should be avoided in curly and frizzy hair and also in round faces (since, the haircut itself is really round).

Whatever haircut trend you choose for the autumn 2017/2018, what’s clear is that you will always need to take along one of our Dessata to show a perfect hair wherever you go. So don’t hesitate, choose the haircut that best suits your personality and complement it with one of our hairbrushes. A perfect combination! 😛


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