7 ways to take care of your hair during the summer

Let the wind blow your hair and enjoy the moment! Who doesn’t like to show off a shiny and healthy hair in summer? The sunrays light up our hair and fill it with vitality but be careful! A continuous sun exposure without protection can have negative consequences for our hair health such as dryness, breaking, colour loss, etc.

Today, from Dessata, we show you seven ways to take care of your hair in summer. Take good note of each one of these advices and show off the hair you have always dreamt of: strong, healthy and full of colour.

1. Use sun protection

If we use sun cream to protect our skin, why don’t we do the same with our hair? There are millions of hair masks and oils with nutritious and absorption qualities that protect our hair from the damaging effects of the ultraviolet rays. We must apply them before leaving home and, this way, we will avoid that the sun dehydrates, weakens and dries up our hair. Furthermore, the use of this kind of protection is especially necessary for dyed hair, since this way we prevent the hair from changing colour or discolouring.

2. Keep it hydrated

We are all aware of how important hydrating and drinking water is during the whole year and especially in summer. However, do you know that this correct hydration is also beneficial for the health of our hair? The hair is much stronger and, this way, it can face the external aggressions of the sunrays.

Likewise, during the summer it is highly recommended to replace the conditioner by masks (and even better if they are natural). These will hydrate our hair much more and will help it remain strong during the summertime. It is important to let the mask settle during some hours once we have applied it. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to go to the beach with it and rinse the hair before taking the first dip.

cuidados-cabello-verano 2

3. Use appropriate brushes

We all know how difficult it is to detangle the hair every time we get out of the beach or the pool. The chlorine and the salt get directly in our scalp and that’s why detangling the hair sometimes becomes a fight. If we use inappropriate brushes or combs, the only thing we’ll do is break our hair and weaken it. That is why we have to choose brushes specially designed for this kind of use. With Dessata you will have the opportunity to detangle the hair easily, without any effort and, most importantly, without pulling! This way, it turns out to be a perfect accessory for beach and pool days. Do yo still not have yours? You can get it here..


4. Dry your hair in the wind

Why don’t we use the sun and the great temperature to dry our hair in the wind? During all the year, we use dryers that, in the long run, have damaging effects in our hair, which is constantly subjected to abrupt changes of temperature. We could use the summer to give our hair a break. It will be thankful!

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5. Use hats

They are fashionable, we can combine them however, we want and, moreover, they are perfect for the haircare in summer! They become a necessary barrier between the ultraviolet rays and our hair and, moreover, they also protect our face and can be very useful to avoid sunstroke. Don’t hesitate to use it every day, but especially in the beach or the pool.

6. Rinse your hair BEFORE and after each dip

We all (or almost all of us) know how important showering or rinsing the hair and body is after each dip to get rid of the the remains of chlorine and salt. But, did you know that doing it before each dip is also important? The hair is porous and absorbs water, so if we wet it, the penetrating capacity of the chlorine and the salt is reduced.

7. Have your hair trimmed!

Yes, you’ve read it right; cutting just the ends is enough. In addition, this is something you need to clarify your hairdresser so that it doesn’t happen what we all fear: that they cut us more than a handspan! Cutting the ends before the beginning or during the summer is very good to clean the hair up and avoid that the ends dry up and split, causing more and more damage to our hair. Do it and your hair will grow stronger and healthier to enjoy the summer, as it should be.